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Gte manta project

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Gte manta project

Postby Gtelad1 » 09 Mar 2018, 19:53

Hey everyone. New member to the forum and looking for a bit of help.
So I have a manta gte exclusive. Love the wagon! She's fairly temperamental with its injection set up and looking to change her to a set of webber 40s I have sitting on the shelf at home. I know I'll need to change the fuel pump and I'm hoping I can get away without having the move the brake servo. All going well I'm thinking of doing a bit of a rebuild at the same time. Engine is coming out while getting the car painted so I'll be doing a bit of upgrades if possible.
Has anyone done much work with these? Looking to either port the head or change it. If so i could do with help on ehat jeads fit best and what engine to get them from. Considering a more responsive cam and going to change all crank bearings and gaskets while I'm at it. I plan to keep the car but a bit more power would be nice to have. Has anyone here bored out and changed pistons etc...
Just looking for ideas so if anybody has any input it will be appreciated.
Thanks lads

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