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Opel manta mattig rims forsale ET40s

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Opel manta mattig rims forsale ET40s

Postby scaniahighlineR500 » 03 Nov 2017, 21:50

Hi all opel fans how i ended up joining this web site all started when i seen a picture of a astra gte mattig and had to have one which turned out to be a long old stressful journey so first of all i purchased an astra gte then i tried to purchase a mattig kit when proved impossible after weeks of sleepless nights searching the net i found nothing on yhe verge of quiting i decided to search the rims this also seemed impossible then i stumbled on a advert on ebay ebay a guy in bulgeria had a set of rims in his shed for 20+ years but had no memory of what they were off after a good inspection i convinced myself i nes what these were after comparing photos off the net and i took the chance and purchased them. The rims arrived and fitted straight on to my astra with no rubbing and stud pattern perfect i was well impressed so now ibhad these 345 rims which stuck out about 10 inches past my standard arches so i had no choice to begin the impossible of making my own kit hope you like my project theres been plenty of blood sweat and tears and arguements with wife on how i spend more time with the car than her! The wheels i purchsed i later realised they are off a opel manta b mattig since then ive been a fan. My rims ard now forsale they ard in mint condition fully refurbed powdercoated and four brand new tyres unused costing 1100 pounds iam open to sensible offers only these are super rare as i found out trying to locate a set myself. :bow:

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