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My Humble Manta B with C21XE/ ZF S5-18/3

Post pictures of your current or previous Opel Manta. Coupe, GT/E, GSi, GT/J, Hatchback, i200, i240, i300, 400, TE2800.
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My Humble Manta B with C21XE/ ZF S5-18/3

Postby Nosmanta » 10 Mar 2017, 00:58

Hello Lads!

Just a few pics of my manta. I am based in Manila, Philippines but was working years ago in Cambridge and Norwich with the aviation industry. Got the Coscast motor from there and other parts too. The motor is equipped with the Spiess ITBs , 550 cc Bosch injectors, 70 shots of NOS, Supertech dual valve springs, Newman 288 cams, Wiseco 12:1 pistons and H beam rods. Engine management by Microtech LT10s. Exhaust is a custom stainless long primary 4-2-1 with two straight thru mufflers with 2.5" pipe. The ZF gearbox is adapted by a half inch aluminum plate bolted to the T9 bell. Designed by yours truly and mated to a ZF LSD out back. 3.85 first and 1:1 fifth. Rear end is a 3.9:1. Springs by Spax and Koni yellows handle the rebound. Super Pro bushes. Wheels are 8 and 9 x 15s. Disc brakes are Volvo 240s up front and Isuzu Impulse at the rear. Hope you like specs. I am not done checking for bugs yet but almost there. Let you know after dyno!
manta 2.jpg
manta 2.jpg (95.65 KiB) Viewed 3632 times

manta 3.jpg
manta 3.jpg (121.09 KiB) Viewed 3632 times

manta 4.jpg
manta 4.jpg (86.21 KiB) Viewed 3632 times

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My Humble Manta B with C21XE/ ZF S5-18/3

Postby Manta400R » 10 Mar 2017, 02:41

Welcome Mario! That is one smart Manta you have there! Looks and (I bet it sounds) awesome! Please do keep us updated with more pics and progress. 8-)
Jimmy McRae wrote:It is the best Group B, two wheel drive, normally aspirated car. There's no doubt about it.

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