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Very nice Rothmans 400R build

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Very nice Rothmans 400R build

Postby Manta400R » 08 Jan 2017, 22:16

Rothmans Manta 400R build on facebook that I came across, looks stunning! The detail in the graphics alone is enough to impress anybody! And those tyres! 285/4015! :-o

Opel Manta Rothmans 400R 8-)

Opel Manta Rothmans 400R.jpg
Opel Manta Rothmans 400R
Opel Manta Rothmans 400R.jpg (134.41 KiB) Viewed 4478 times

Jimmy McRae wrote:It is the best Group B, two wheel drive, normally aspirated car. There's no doubt about it.

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